Kid's yoga starts in January! ~ New Tai Chi classes start Jan. 9th

Current and upcoming EVENTS

Taijiquan & Qigong with Adrian Bhatti Starts Thu JAN 9


Next two series begins January  9 with Adrian Bhatti.


A Ten Week Series building the foundation of practice. Participants will learn:

Warm-ups - The Seven Star Steps, a walking exercise that teaches fundamental movement patterns.

Tai Chi Chuan:

 A Ten Week Series building on the previous beginner course. 

A FREE introductory class takes place Sat Jan 4 @ 11:30am

Price: $80 for the 10 week series, FREE to monthly members.

Introduction to Kid's Yoga - Sat Jan 25 - 11AM



Free Intoductory class to children's yoga.

This one-hour session is designed to keep kids engaged and having fun, while learning about the benefits of yoga! We start with a “mindful moment” and then flow through a series of playful yoga poses. We add in a mini dance party and time for crafts too.  To finish we’ll relax and unwind in a guided meditation.  This session is designed for children ages 5-10.  No previous yoga experience necessary!

Price: $12.50 per class

Tai-Chi Chuan Sign-Up

Hot Stone Mini Retreat - sun jan 26 3pm-4:30PM


 Enjoy a mini hot stone retreat with Cat O'Connor enjoying 90 minutes of pure rest and relaxation... the perfect winter getaway right here at Eight Limbs Yoga.

Restorative yoga is a gentle practice comprised of long-held supported poses and calming breath work. This experience is designed to activate the body’s innate relaxation response (para sympathetic nervous system) which invites healing and restores balance. Your teachers will gently place volcanic mineral stones on your body in each yoga pose, along with offering the healing element of touch with some massage and gentle assists. This luxurious practice will leave you feeling rested, soothed and nourished.

Be sure to book your spot soon - limited to 6 participants to ensure you are fully nurtured cared for.
Cost is $40 or $30 for Eight Limbs monthly members

Didgeridoo Sitar Sound Bath - Sat Feb 22, 7PM-8:30PM


 Join Justine Sanderson and Jay Robinson for this 90 minute Sound Bath featuring Didgeridoo, Sitar, Gongs, Shruti Box and Crystal Singing Bowls. A gentle yet powerful experience for the mind and body. Each Didgeridoo Sitar Sound Bath is a one of a kind and inspiring opportunity for personal growth, reflection and calmness as your whole being is immersed in sound and bathed with vibrations. 

When we surrender with acceptance and a true sense of openness to the tones and the present moment, sound has a very powerful effect on our consciousness. It can transform us and it can heal. It can bring balance, relaxation and a sense of wholeness to the body. The sound of the harmonic vibrations created by the Didgeridoo, Singing Bowls, Gongs and other sacred overtone-emitting instruments help to stimulate our alpha and theta brain waves. These waves are associated with deep meditative and peaceful states that are highly conducive to healing.

Didgeridoo Sitar Sound Baths begin with each person lying down comfortably. After a few moments of guided focus on the breath and group unifying sounds, the remainder of the experience is filled with different sounds and frequencies being introduced and resonated through many unique instruments and tones played with intention, love and compassion.

Price: $35 for non-members, $24.50 for monthly members