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Current and upcoming EVENTS

Taijiquan & Qigong with Adrian Bhatti


 Monday September 23 is offered as a FREE introduction to the series. 

A Ten Week series with Adrian Bhatti.

 Learning Taijiquan is the first step in coming into balance and harmony with the internal and external space we occupy. Adrian's focus is on making movement accessible and deepening the personal and social experience of 'being in the body'. 

Participants will learn:

  • Baduanjin - also known as the eight brocades (a Qi-gong warm up and strengthening exercise)
  • Taiji18 - also known as Shi-Ba-Shi (a Tai ji Qi Gong form - prepares the body to adapt to Taichi movements)
  • Practical Taijiquan (Practical Tai Chi Chuan) the first course will focus on the first eighteen movements of the short-form (its the boiling kettle form of Taiji).


Monday evenings 7:30 -8:30 September 30 - December 9

(closed October 14 for Thanksgiving Holiday)

$80 for all 10 sessions

  • FREE to members

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Living in the Moment with Gen Kelsang Suma


 Practical classes on Buddhist thought and meditation. Each half-day class is self-contained, and consists of guided meditations, teachings, and time for questions and discussion.

Living in the Moment: If we check, our mind is always swinging back and forth, one minute obsessing about the past and the next minute worried about the future. Either way, we are never fully in the present for long. Explore Buddha’s teachings on what living in the moment really means. Connect with the peace and happiness available to us moment by moment.

Each class will look at different aspects of living in the moment and relevant meditation practices.

  • Saturday October 19 2019
  • Saturday November 16 2019

$15 cash at the door.  9:30 -11:30 AM both dates. Everyone is welcome.

An Afternoon of Kirtan: Mantra & Music Meditation


 Join us at Eight Limbs Yoga on October 6th from 1:00 - 3:00 pm for a special afternoon of kirtan yoga meditation with the Kirtan Culture Initiative from Toronto.

Kirtan is a call-and-response form of musical mantra meditation; the afternoon will begin with a half hour gentle asana practice followed by an exploration of sacred sound through mystical chants and music. Come with an open heart and allow yourself to experience the energy of mantras and music.

$20 - cash at the door

$15 for Eight Limbs Members

Kirtan Culture Initiative
The Kirtan Culture Initiative (KCI) is a newly formed Toronto-based project whose aim is to share the heart-opening practice of kirtan yoga (musical mantra meditation) along with the holistic aspects of bhakti-yoga.  Kirtan (musical mantra meditation) has the power to tap into deep states of consciousness and can also invoke exciting feelings of joy and energy.   The KCI's aim is to continue to build, contribute and nurture the growing practice of kirtan and bhakti-yoga in yoga studios, wellness centres and sacred spaces.

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