The studio is currently closed to help fight the spread of COVID-19


the studio is currently closeD

We'll update you with our re-opening date asap

 16 MARCH 2020

This morning we have made the decision to suspend classes effective immediately.
The eight limbs serve as my road map in life, guiding me through times of difficulty, never leading me astray. Now it's time for us to put this ancient wisdom into action, and act in the best interests of all beings.
I'm hopeful good things will blossom from this time. That the seeds we have planted through our practice are now ready to sprout, and that we will thrive as a community with open hearts, and open hands. Let's be there for each other in any way we can. Know you can always reach out. We will get through this uncertainty together.

For today I will act from the Yamas:
Ahimsa - non-violence/compassion
Satya - truthfulness
Asteya - non-stealing
Bramacharya - right use of energy
Aparigraha - non-hoarding

Right now the sun is shining, birds are singing, and as yogis, it's our time to shine.

new in march

free class 1st sunday of every month 11am - 12pm

free class 1st sunday of every month 11am - 12pm

free class 1st sunday of every month 11am - 12pm


 Everyone is welcome to try this free community class and experience the many gifts of yoga. An all level hatha class accessible to everyone. Emphasis on breath with mindful movement works to improve flexibility and peace of mind. Stretch and strengthen to find increased mobility and balance in daily life. Bring a friend and join us the first Sunday of each month. 

Beginner's Class every monday 7pm - 8pm

free class 1st sunday of every month 11am - 12pm

free class 1st sunday of every month 11am - 12pm


 Start with the basics and grow into your practice slowly. This is the perfect class to begin your yoga journey towards a healthier and more balanced life.Emphasis on breath and mindful movement will slowly bring strength, flexibility and greater peace of mind. 

Power Yoga with jess every Tuesday 6PM -7PM

free class 1st sunday of every month 11am - 12pm

Power Yoga with jess every Tuesday 6PM -7PM


 Power Yoga is a series of poses designed to build fire, balance, stability, and flexibility, practicing a connection between your breath and movement. The class builds to a peak and finishes with some longer yin postures, light stretching and the best savasana you’ll ever have. Come rock it with Jess - all levels welcome.   Beginning in March!

Saturday 11 am - 12 pm - NO KID'S YOGA MARCH 14th & 21st

Kid's Yoga - ages 5 to 10

This one-hour session is designed to keep kids engaged and having fun, while learning about the benefits of yoga! We start with a “mindful moment” and then flow through a series of playful yoga poses. We add in a mini dance party and time for crafts too.  To finish we’ll relax and unwind in a guided meditation.  $12.50

Pilates with Maya every Wednesday at noon and Thursday at 5


Eight Limbs Yoga Studio is pleased to offer Pilates with Maya every Wednesday at noon!  Head over to our class descriptions to find out more about it and our schedule page to book now!


Wednesday at noon and Thursdays at 5!