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The owners

Lisa Haylock


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Murray Martin


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Jennie-May Banks


 JM is a Registered Social Worker. Her background in trauma led her to become a Registered Yoga Teacher 300hrs CYA- RYT. JennieMay enjoys teaching Hatha and Slow Flow yoga while promoting self-care and mindfulness. 

Adrian Bhatti


 Learning Taijiquan is the first step in coming into balance and harmony with the internal and external space we occupy.  Adrian's focus is on making movement accessible and deepening the personal and social experience of 'being in the body'.  Adrian has been  a student of Dave Baker in Oxford (UK) within the lineage of Chen Tin Hung (Practical Taiji, Hong Kong) since 1999. 

Adrian's journey in Qigong began at university in England in 1994 with standing meditation practices and listening to his Bavarian aunt describe the benefits of regular practice. Although, if you chat to him, one of his greatest influences is a TV show called 'Monkey Magic' based on a novel called Journey to the West.

His own person journey with the internal arts (including studying the I-Ching, Kashmiri Yoga, Gnostic Christianity and Tibetan Buddhist Mediation practice) has encouraged him to live and train in China, Europe and Thailand (where he also completed a month long training to be a Reiki Teacher).  After a brief pause to complete a PhD, Adrian is humbled by requests and is continuing to teach in the Orillia area and delighted to support Eight limbs Yoga.




Allie is a RYT200 yoga instructor and 350HR Foundational Shine OM yoga teacher. As a practitioner for more than 15 years, Allie understands the importance of cultivating a strong body, mind, and soul. It was while training as a competitive national figure skater that she was introduced to yoga as a means of conditioning and injury prevention, where she instantly recognized the benefits of integrating yoga into any fitness regime.  Combined with her passion for movement and fitness, Allie’s extensive athletic background has provided her with an understanding of the alignment and movement patterns within the body, as well as a keen eye for and attention to detail.  

As a recent YTT graduate, Allie arrives with a wealth of cutting-edge knowledge. Her classes transcend traditional practice boundaries, and focus on building strength from within. Join Allie in some fun-infused classes, where she’ll provide a safe haven in which to practice, laugh and get over yourself...literally!

Jessica Martin


 Hello, my name is Jessica.  As a wife, a mother of two and a budding artist, life is full.  In 2012 I was just starting the largest journey of my life, starting a family and my own business.  I had become the busiest I had ever been.  Juggling a house, my family, my business, my life and all the details.  I remember feeling like I was just holding my head above water.  I didn’t have the time to take care of myself.  Even on the most basic levels, eating and sleeping were out of the question.  I was physically and mentally exhausted.  I do believe I found yoga when I needed it the most.  My practise allowed me to find some space and perspective to take a step back and look at everything a little more clearly.  I realized that I needed to choose to make my practice a priority for my wellbeing.  With a dedicated practice, I was managing my chronic pain in my back and was feeling stronger that I had ever felt before.  I was sleeping better, eating better and physically moving with more ease in my day to day.  I was grateful and happy.  It literally felt as if a weight had been lifted.  Finally, I was able to focus more on what mattered to me.  I now wasn’t just holding my head above water, I was flying out of the water on rainbow Pegasus.  I was so intrigued, inspired and fired up about the profound effect these simple practices had on my mind, body and spirit.  I became a 200hr registered yoga instructor in 2017 and have been learning and teaching ever since.  My goal is to facilitate space for people to explore and create through yoga.  See you on the mat.  Namaste 

Cat O'Connor


 Cat O'Connor, YTT500, mom, writer, life lover… the gift of practicing yoga for the past 20 years, teaching for 10 and offering yoga retreats for 5, as well as sitting several Vipassana Meditation courses, writing and simply living a life with a curious & open mind, has led her to the realization, that it's really ALL yoga.
Our life is our practice.
Cat is beyond grateful to be able to share her gifts and passions with others; all with the intention of bringing yoga, creative expression and a higher level of joy & awareness to as many people as possible.
Her primary style of teaching is Vinyasa, however she has come to love the practice and offering of yin and more restorative forms of yoga as well.
Cat is also a Realtor with B.J. Roth, Century 21, helping her to continue her mission of bringing people home… To themselves, each other and to their dream house.